Wednesday, September 12

phone dump

**WARNING** - lots of pictures... 

Ok, I have SEVERAL posts to get caught up on, but I have literally not found a single minute to sit down and  edit pictures. So, phone update it is.. 

I promise to get a better update up soon! 

This is how Ethan likes to jump on the trampoline. Thank goodness it's in the backyard with no view of the street or neighbors! 

I'm certain that Gray will grow up and love to cook like his Daddy. This is what he does EVERY.SINGLE.DAY... gets out pots and pans, gets cooking utensils, tries to put pots, pans, and cooking utensils on stove, and attempts to cook! It's hilarious to watch. He could probably cook us a meal!

Football season is FINALLY here!!!!

Who knew water tables were for swimming too?? 

He even looks good in a pirate hat!

Bless him.. he wanted to practice in the backyard but no one could go out there to toss the ball back to him. He became clever! 

I honestly have no words... 

CURLS!!! Love it! :)

Sweet big brother helping a sweet little brother adjust to being dropped off at school! Bless them!

MY BIG BOY!!!! I can't believe that we'll be in Kindergarten next year!!! He's doing a 5 day transition class and is doing great! I am SOOO proud of him!

Mama, who??! I want to slide!

I love my babies!

Little man finally got to ride in the car cart! He loves it!!! 

Chris took Ethan to the hunting and fishing show a few weeks ago. They caught fish and attempted to come home with a new 4-wheeler! Thankfully, Mommy intercepted that one just in time! ;)

See! Trouble!

Ethan decided that he was going to "make his bed" in our room one night! He had the whole kit and kaboodle with him!! 

He loves playing with Ethan's swimmies!

Ethan managed to get a spider bite while we were taking sunflower pictures. Well, it got worse and worse. This was Day 2. I took him to the doctor to discover that he had developed a staph infection on top of the bite! Crazy!! 

This is where the doctor marked it to make sure that it wasn't getting any bigger. 

What a terrible spot! His clothes rubbed up against it and bothered him nonstop! Poor guy! Luckily, after a strong round of antibiotics and creme, it was MUCH better!! 

This was on the way to the car from the Germantown Festival last weekend.. Gray fell asleep on top of Chris! Poor baby!! He was exhausted! Chris said that he weighed about 200lbs! ha!

This is probably why... he ate the entire time!

Doesn't everyone wear blue fish hats???! 

Sweet baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. He wants to play with the big boys!!!

Over Labor Day Weekend, we went to Putt Putt. Ethan got his first hole in one!!!

As we were leaving Putt Putt, a firetruck was called and parked right behind our vehicle. The firemen were super sweet though and let LK and E play in the truck while we were waiting! I think they actually had more fun doing that rather than playing mini golf!! ha!

OK.. well, I really do promise to get a better update soon! Our weeks are beginning to get CRAZY. Between cheer practice, tumbling, LK's tutoring, flag football, and cheering games.. every single night of our week and weekend is completely FULL!!! But.. we LOVE it! :)



Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

What is the name of the iPad cover that you have? I need to get one for my sweet girl who is entirely too rough on ours!!!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

Anddd your kids are adorable! Poor Ethan, I hope he's feeling better.