Thursday, September 13

Labor Day Weekend: Part 2

On Sunday, we went to lunch at Chris’ parents house with most of his family. We had a great time and, yet again, the food was yummy!



Gray had a great time playing with Paxton and Ethan!!! He wants to be such a big boy!!

DSC_0021       DSC_0022.NEF


DSC_0024.NEF        DSC_0027


On Monday, we got up bright and early and headed to the Zoo! The weather had been amazing all weekend, so we had to take advantage!! Apparently everyone else had the same idea, b/c it was super crowded!! We stayed for about an hour and a half, saw a few exhibits, and then called it a day!

DSC_0049-001.NEF       DSC_0050-001.NEFDSC_0053-001.NEF

Sea Lion show! We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the new sea lion baby, but no luck! Hopefully soon!!



Playing in the water is a must do!

DSC_0060-001.NEF       DSC_0062-001.NEF

I tried to get Gray to play too…


He decided otherwise! ;)

DSC_0066-001.NEF  DSC_0068-001.NEF  DSC_0069-001.NEF

DSC_0075-001.NEF  DSC_0084-001.NEF  DSC_0085-001.NEF

SOOOOO much fun!!!!

DSC_0089-001.NEF       DSC_0092-001.NEF

All the animals seemed to be out enjoying the cooler weather and sunshine!

DSC_0108-001.NEF       DSC_0110-001.NEF

G got an upclose hello with the pandas! (and even waved hello!)

DSC_0114-001.NEF       DSC_0118-001.NEF

We played some more on the way out!!

DSC_0120-001.NEF       DSC_0133-001.NEF

Sweet kiddos!! I sure do love them!


We had a wonderful time at the zoo! I am so glad that we got to enjoy the wonderful weather and spend so much time with family! No one was ready to go back to reality on Tuesday!!

I had to share this face.. it’s his new one.. HILARIOUS!!! He cracks me up!


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