Wednesday, September 26

Chicago {Part 3}

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to Millennium Park for a few quick pics with “The Bean” before we left. Everyone was right, it was definitely a “must see”! Luckily, we made it before the Bears game traffic started getting too congestive!

DSC_0134.NEF     DSC_0135.NEF

DSC_0136.NEF     DSC_0139.NEF

DSC_0140.NEF     DSC_0143.NEF


DSC_0149.NEF       DSC_0150.NEF

Millennium Park was gorgeous and the weather was perfect!!

After a quick stroll around the park, we headed a few blocks over to Willis (Sears) Tower to visit the Skydeck. We were able to walk right in, but could definitely tell that it gets super crowded, super quick! What an amazing view!!

DSC_0151.NEF       DSC_0154.NEF


We definitely went out on the decks! We got better pics on Chris’ phone, but I still need to upload those. I’ll post those soon!!

DSC_0157.NEF       DSC_0158.NEF

After visiting the Skydeck, we got on the interstate to head home. We had an amazing weekend! We were not ready to leave at all. We could have definitely spent another week there just being carefree and doing whatever we wanted! We already can’t wait to go back and take the kiddos along!

Now, we are back into the reality of everyday life… tutoring, flag football, cheer, school, and everything else. Not to mention that Chris headed out of town for work for 14 days! So, he’s busy working super long days down in Louisiana and I’m busy pulling super long days by myself with the kids! EXHAUSTED! But, that’s life and we love it! :)

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