Wednesday, September 18

Back to School…

It is FINALLY back to school time!!! YAY!!! Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE getting to do fun stuff during the summers with the kids, but let’s face it.. after 2 days they are about to kill each other and I’m about to lose my mind! I honestly couldn’t do it without our sweet Trinity! Nanny’s are the greatest invention ever known to man! A Godsend for Mother’s!

We had to register just a few hours after we got home from the beach. We were speed driving the entire way home! ha! But it was a big day… 4th grade for Miss LK and KINDERGARTEN for my sweet Ethan!!! KINDERGARTEN! Can you believe it??! I can’t!


Registration Day! All tanned from the beach!

IMG_1548   IMG_1549

The Saturday before school started, there was a Kindergarten Meet and Great at a local park. SO fun!! Ethan was surprised to see several of his friends. He already knew his good friend, Thomas, was going to the same school, but there were also several boys from his baseball team too. He was super excited!

IMG_1573   IMG_1574

Monday was LK’s first day! She was SOO excited! There were a few girls that she knew in her class and several of her cheer friends. She also has a really fun teacher that Chris went to Memphis with. Small world! She suddenly looked like a teenager walking into school! Oh my! Where do the years go??!

IMG_1582   IMG_1583

Ethan only attended 1 day on the first week. His day was Tuesday. He was SO excited! I managed to hold it together until I got back to the car… then I was a blubbering mess! He looked like such a big boy! I can’t believe how fast my babies are growing! Some days it makes me so sad, but mostly so PROUD to be their mom.

IMG_1585   IMG_1624

Gray has had a hard time adjusting to life as an only child during the days. And honestly, we didn’t expect that. We put a lot of focus on Ethan adjusting to full time school and new learning methods, that we really didn’t about how it would affect Gray. He’s always been with his brother. Always! He’s gone to school with him since he was old enough to attend, he shares a room with him, and I can probably count on 2 hands the number of days they’ve been separated. It was definitely a culture shock for him to suddenly be along. Poor guy! After a few days of crying after dropping LK and E off, he started doing much better. We started doing some more fun things in the afternoons and that really seemed to help. It’s amazing the amount of therapy you can get from a 5ft slide and rope swing! ;)


Gray finally started back to Mother’s Day Out a few weeks after LK and E went back to school. We were so excited to find out that he has sweet Mrs. Jennifer as his teacher again this year! She was his teach when he first started MDO in the baby room. Mrs. Jennifer was also Ethan’s 2yr old teacher and we absolutely LOVE her!!! He loves getting “Jennifer love”! :)

I am so happy that are finally back on a good schedule! YAY!!! We are definitely one of those families (mainly, I am one of those moms!) that functions better on a good schedule! Thank goodness for back to school!! :)

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