Wednesday, September 4

More Summer Fun!

Another IG post! Sorry… that’s all I have these days! Note to self: take pics with big camera!!!

IMG_0976  IMG_0978 

Earlier this summer we went the 20th Anniversary showing of The Sandlot at Autozone Park. It was so fun!!

IMG_0983  IMG_0986

IMG_0989  IMG_1001

Chris got a new trail bike for Father’s Day. Everyone had to get in on the biking fun! (Except LK.. she still refuses to ride a bike!)

IMG_1008  IMG_1012

IMG_1029  IMG_1035

IMG_1039  IMG_1042

IMG_1043  IMG_1044

Hitting balls at the driving range!!

IMG_1051  IMG_1058

Ethan’s new favorite food… frog legs!

IMG_1061  IMG_1066

IMG_1083  IMG_1100

IMG_1106  IMG_1111

IMG_1113  IMG_1116

LOVE mail from sweet friends!!!! (Thanks, Darci!!)

IMG_1120  IMG_1122

E handled Kindergarten shots like a pro!!! SO proud of him!!

IMG_1128  IMG_1141

Monsters U and swimming… always makes for a great summer!

IMG_1143  IMG_1146

IMG_1154  IMG_1159

Germantown Fireworks!

IMG_1174  IMG_1175

IMG_1176  IMG_1208

IMG_1222  IMG_1224

IMG_1232  IMG_1281

IMG_1287  IMG_1292

IMG_1299  IMG_1317

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