Thursday, September 12

Nashville Wedding Weekend!

Back in July, Chris and I headed up to Nashville for a weekend full of fun wedding activities!

I went up on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend celebrating with my favorite girls for Jax’s upcoming wedding. We all checked into our hotels rooms Friday afternoon and then got ready to spend the night on Broadway. We had dinner at Virago and it was AMAZING! (I HIGHLY recommend the edemame and brussel sprout apps, and the surf and turf sushi!!) After dinner, we walked across the street to start the bar hopping off at Whiskey Kitchen. Their blackberry mint julep was delicious! I could have had 10 of them! I stopped at 2.. ha! After a few drinks, we took the party to Broadway and stayed there the rest of the night. We had a great time!! Although, we could have just stayed in the hotel room and watched movies in our pjs, and I would have had just a good a time with these girls! LOVE THEM!!!

IMG_1343  IMG_1345

Saturday morning, we had brunch at The Southern. Again, amazing! Candice did a great job giving restaurant recommendations! After brunch, I had to head about an hour east to Clarksville, TN to meet up with Chris. He drove up to Nashville on Saturday for his good friend, Rob’s, wedding. So, I got myself ready and made the quick drive to the next event.

Rob and Sara Beth had a beautiful wedding. It was held outdoors at a marina. The decorations we perfect and the wedding was very low key. It was fun to see Chris and all his buddies together. It had definitely been a while!!!

IMG_1371  IMG_1372

IMG_1373  IMG_1374

Jeremy and Lindsey had also driven up from Memphis! It was great to see them!

IMG_1375  IMG_1377

About half way through the reception, I headed back to Nashville to meet back up with the girls.


Once I got back to Nashville, I met up with the girls at Sambuca in The Gulch area. After dinner, it was time again to head to Broadway!

IMG_1382  IMG_1384

IMG_1386  IMG_1396 

LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls!!!! After several hours of dancing, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. Not, of course, though before finding some fried, cheese covered goodness! DELISH!


Sunday morning, I picked Chris up from his friend, Justin’s house and then we headed back to Memphis. It was a great weekend!!!

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