Friday, September 27

Summer is winding down..

Now that school is back in session, summer is officially coming to an end. We are getting back in the groove of every day schedules. I would love to say that things are slowing down a bit, but truth is that life is becoming more and more hectic!! Here are a few IG pics of life lately…

IMG_1406  IMG_1408


Happy Birthday, Goo Goo!!!


Cheer practice has started and is already non-stop!!

IMG_1607  IMG_1608

Gray went to see his first movie in the theater… Planes! He LOVED it!!! He’s obsessed with Cars, so Planes was a good change up for him.

IMG_1613  IMG_1616

IMG_1641  IMG_1642

IMG_1711  IMG_1716

IMG_1717  IMG_1726

School is a bit exhausting! LK is working REALLY hard.. so proud of her! Gray and I have been enjoying our afternoons by ourselves. It’s like he an only child!! New territory for him! ;)

IMG_1741  IMG_1752

This sweet boy gave us a bit of a scare!! He came down with a terrible skin infection from allergies and nerves. After a good round of steroids and antibiotics, he’s on the mend. Not to mention, the possibility of having to take a daily behavioral medicine (Zoloft) to help with his nerves. He apparently has anxiety and doesn’t like to be left alone. SPOILED PUPPY!!!! ;) Like I said though, he’s on the mend and we are so happy about that! We’d give him any medication in the world that he needs to be able to keep him healthy!

IMG_1745  IMG_1746

Crazy afternoons with my little man!

IMG_1770  IMG_1771

Zoo Trip!!


Love my three little munchkins!

IMG_1776  IMG_1777


IMG_1794  IMG_1798

Night out celebrating Lynsey’s birthday!!

IMG_1807  IMG_1809

We went to a local bar after dinner and to our surprise the guys from Ingram Hill were playing. LOVE them!!! Made me feel like I was in college again! ;)

IMG_1811  IMG_1815


IMG_1817  IMG_1818

IMG_1796  IMG_1797


Choo-Choo!! LOVES them!


IMG_1852  IMG_1854

Chris and I had to attend a wedding out near my grandparents house, so we dropped the kids off with my Dad for a few hours. Little did I know that he’d have my prissy city girl riding tractors?!? ha!


Ice cream date with Goo Goo!

IMG_1887  IMG_1889

Another fun afternoon in the park with Gray!


Yet another afternoon with Gray… He’s becoming obsessed with Target popcorn!

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