Monday, October 7

Hello Fall…. maybe.. & pics from Daddy’s phone!

Here’s a few more IG pics… I pulled some from Chris’ phone too! Enjoy!


Gray afternoons! Love them!

IMG_1913  IMG_1915

Noni came to school for Grandparent’s Day. LK and E LOVED having her there! Ethan showed her around his classroom.

IMG_1916  IMG_1917

IMG_1918  IMG_1919

Lockers are a BIG deal in 4th grade! It’s hard to tell from the pics, but hers is decorated in zebra print and a light up chandelier. I mean!

IMG_1936  IMG_1943

Cheer, cheer, and more cheer!


LK and her sweet friend, Payten. P came to watch LK cheer and then we went to the Germantown Festival.

IMG_1958  IMG_1959

Trying our bull riding at the Germantown Festival! Of course, E had a blast! LK wasn’t too sure of this! Hopefully she doesn’t want to try this again when she’s in college! (NOT saying that I ever did.. but you know… ;) )

IMG_0485.JPG (3)  IMG_0497.JPG (2)

Daddy always takes the funny pics on his phone!

IMG_0500.JPG (2)  IMG_0503

Oh Gray!

IMG_0526.JPG (2) 

Daddy got a trail bike and loves it! I felt a little fish out of water walking into Outdoors by myself to purchase it, but I did it, and I’m so glad I did.. He was so surprised! He’d been wanting a trail bike for forever and I was so happy to get him one.

IMG_0533.JPG (2)



LK LOVES getting to love on sweet baby Evie! We adore her!!

IMG_0559.JPG (3)  IMG_0562.JPG (2)

IMG_0564  IMG_0568.JPG (2)


IMG_0617.JPG (2) 

We’re missing our Trinity! She’s back in school and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to lose my mind by the end of the school year without her! Luckily, she still comes around often to babysit.

IMG_0629.JPG (2)  IMG_0631.JPG (2)

IMG_0710.JPG (2)  IMG_0712

FULL car!!! Another Huck check up! He’s finally a healthy puppy!!

IMG_1986  IMG_1991


IMG_2009  IMG_2014

Pedicures with my girl!!

IMG_2024  IMG_2030

RP has decided to race cars. It’s interesting, I tell you! We had a blast at his first race though!

IMG_2037  IMG_2039

Love these girls!

IMG_2040  IMG_2043

IMG_2054  IMG_2069

Another zoo day! Ethan convinced Daddy to ride a camel with him!


IMG_2075  IMG_2082

IMG_2099  IMG_2102



Better updates soon! I really need to start carrying my big camera with me!!

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