Tuesday, October 29

October IG Update!

Yet again, another IG update…. one of these days, I’ll start taking my big camera with me.

IMG_2143  IMG_2145

Pics from our Downtown Museum Day. We LOVED Sun Studios!!


An actual microphone that Elvis and Johnny Cash recorded on. She was in heaven!!!

IMG_2163  IMG_2166

Chris and I celebrated another anniversary! I am one blessed girl! We had plans for a big day, but Gray woke up super sick and all that got put on hold. One thing about being married so long is that when plans get changed b/c of sick kiddos, it’s ok!! :) I had to go take some photos of a friends child that morning and when I got in the car, he surprised me with a few of my favorites – lilies, coke, snickers bites, and a McDonalds gift card for my daily caffeine fix!! Love him!


Sick baby! :(

IMG_2183  IMG_2240

LK goes to school an hour early on Tuesdays for chorus. So, that means that he boys and I have just enough time to get breakfast somewhere. We are really loving these breakfast date!! :)


Ethan is doing SO well in school!!! I was blown away when we wrote this all by himself! Just by sounding out the letters and sounds. :)


He has a need for speed! Just like his Poppie!


The one thing I love the most about being home with my kiddos is that I can attend spur of the moment class picnics!! It was a beautiful day and Ethan’s teacher thought that they would love a surprise. They did!! They were so excited! We got to eat lunch and then play on the playground.


Late night PF Changs!

IMG_2222  IMG_2225 

We finally got to make up our Anniversary dinner. The Madison Rooftop was amazing!!



Gray is all things fire truck obsessed!!! He carries a fire truck, fireman, and ladder around everywhere we go!

IMG_2251  IMG_2271

I had planned an adorable Halloween outfit for Gray, however he quickly changed my mind when he spotted the cutest Fireman costume at PBO. The red suspenders completely got me! :) He loves it! I think he’s practically worn it every day since I bought it. Esp the hat! We don’t go anywhere without the hat!

IMG_2279  IMG_2291

The hat and the smile… get me every time!

IMG_2305  IMG_2309

IMG_2321  IMG_2325

We thoroughly enjoyed fall break!!! It was so nice to just lay around and relax!



IMG_2422  IMG_2423

We had a great time at Hendrix’s birthday party!!! Kate did a great job with her Minnie Mouse theme!


Our sweet boy turned FOUR this year!!! We love our Huck!

IMG_2468  IMG_2482

IMG_2488  IMG_2495

We celebrated my birthday with dinner downtown at Flight. It was delicious!! We had a great time!


He is too good to me!

IMG_2504  IMG_2507

The kids had been really wanting to go apple picking, so we took them on one of the few days that Chris was in town. We had a great time!! The apples were delicious!

IMG_2514  IMG_2515

After apple picking, we went out to my grandparents for my birthday lunch!


ZOO BOO!!!! We love Zoo Boo!





Hopefully another post soon! :)

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