Friday, October 18

Kindergarten Fun

Kindergarten has been amazing so far!! We are LOVING our sweet school and LOVING Ethan’s incredible teacher!! It takes a special person to be a teacher, let alone a Kindergarten teacher! She is wonderful! It seems like every week she plans another fun activity for the kids to do.


One Friday, she surprised the kids with a class picnic outside. She invited all the parents. They had a ball!!



Ethan and his sweet friend, Emery

DSC_0039-001  DSC_0042-001

After lunch, it was playground time!! Since I’m a room mom, I took a TON of pics of the class. However, I’m only posting pics of Ethan on our site. I can assure you though that it was a great time!! :)

DSC_0054-001  DSC_0056-001

We’ve also done activities with the entire Kindergarten. Pumpkin Carving being one of them! The kids took in pumpkins to use for math and science activities, then at the end of the week carved them. It was so fun and Ethan was thrilled that Daddy was able to come and carve with him!




Gosh, I love my sweet boy!

We also had Mickey and Minnie day… SO CUTE!!!!!

DSC_0011  DSC_0015

Look at my little Mickey Mouse!!



We LOVE Kindergarten!! And, of course, my little undercover smarty pants surprised us all by getting ALL Masters on his first report card!!! His teacher says that I worry for nothing! ;) I’m just so used to LK.. she’s so verbal with everything that she learns and even with things that she struggles with. So, it’s easy to know were we stand with her and her grades. Ethan… no way! He doesn’t tell us a thing! I worry and worry. Apparently he’s doing just fine though! He’s even FINALLY reading!!!! Oh my gosh! Talk about a weight lifted off my shoulders! He’s always been able to.. he just wouldn’t! He still doesn’t like to read, but at least now I know he CAN! :) Gosh bless Kindergarten and Mrs. MacFeggan!

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