Tuesday, October 2

Friday Night Lights…

except in our house right now it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday day lights! ha! Boy are we busy!!! Our weekly schedule usually consists of Monday – LK tutoring (3rd grade math is for the birds!), Tuesday – flag football, Wednesday – cheer game, Thursday – cheer practice, Friday – only evening free!, Saturday – cheer game, and Sunday – tumbling and cheer practice! WHEW! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!!! Not to mention that Chris has been out of town for work since we got back from Chicago. So, 9 days so far of me doing all of this alone.. with 3 kids in tow! I am so extremely grateful for our family. I have recruited help from everyone – mom, gram, chris’ parents and grandparents.. EVERYONE! I couldn’t do think without them!!!

As I type this though and tell you how exhausting it is… I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! What makes them happy, makes me happy! One day, I’ll look back on these days and miss them. I’ll be so thankful that we got to experience them.

We started flag football last Tuesday. We had 4 weeks of practice and now we have 6 weeks of games. Ethan asked last fall to play, so we made sure to sign him up earlier this spring. We are playing at church, where we’ve played soccer and t-ball. I think next year we’ll be signing up with GFL though, so he and LK can be in the same place on Saturdays. It’ll just be easier. I wasn’t sure if he’d really enjoy it, but he seems to really like it!!! To be honest, I was kind of hoping that he’d hate it. As much a I love college football, it makes me so nervous!

DSC_0003.NEF     DSC_0008.NEF

1st game! I’m not sure of the final score, but there were LOTS of touchdowns!!! We have some super fast kiddos on our team!

DSC_0028.NEF     DSC_0033.NEF

DSC_0034.NEF     DSC_0021.NEF

Goo Goo came to watch and corral Gray! ;)

DSC_0038.NEF     DSC_0042.NEF

MeMaw came too. She was exhausted when she left from chasing Gray around.

DSC_0044.NEF     DSC_0047.NEF


Sweet boy! He did great!!

Last Wednesday, was another cheer game. We’ve had a few before this one, but I haven’t had my camera with me. LK is, of course, loving it! I see lots of cheerleading in our future! I absolutely LOVE their team colors this year. Hopefully that uniform will say “REBELS” one day! ;)

DSC_0054     DSC_0057



I just love her!!!

DSC_0063.NEF     DSC_0064.NEF

Gray enjoyed playing on the bleachers….

DSC_0066.NEF     DSC_0069.NEF

…. and running wild!

DSC_0071.NEF     DSC_0075.NEF


DSC_0077.NEF DSC_0080.NEF DSC_0081.NEF

DSC_0088.NEF DSC_0089.NEF DSC_0090.NEF

She loves doing her cheers and practicing her tumbling. I have no idea when my baby got to big!!


DSC_0110.NEF     DSC_0115.NEF

This cracks me up.. typical Gray!

Today was Game 2 for Ethan.. and a big game it turned out to be…


Pow Wow before the 1st play.

DSC_0030.NEF    DSC_0047.NEF

So serious about football!


Big Brother’s biggest fan!

And, the biggest moment of the game…..



I am SO SO SO proud!!! The next play, he pulled the opponents flag and prevented them from scoring. He was on a roll! He was smiling from ear to ear!!! We immediately called Daddy to tell him!! (and yes, in case you were wondering, I was jumping up and down like a lunatic!! and clapping.. and pretty sure I almost cried! haha!)


DSC_0070 DSC_0075.NEF DSC_0082

What a game he had tonight! He pulled another 2 flags and playing so hard! He is LOVING football!!! I am so excited for the remainder of the season.

We have 4 more weeks of games for Ethan, and 5 more weeks of LK’s cheer. Cheer off is the final weekend of October and just a few games into November. Come on, November! ha!

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Rachel said...

This makes me smile! I can't wait for days like this with my future kids...love it! Happy fall to y'all!