Wednesday, August 29

Sunflower Pictures

A few weeks ago, I finally got the kids out to the sunflowers to get a few pics! I wanted pics, but I was not looking forward to the heat, the kids complaining, or fighting the crowds!! We made one attempt on a Sunday morning.. that was a FAIL! I managed to get TWO pics out of the entire 10 min we were there. I decided to try sunset later in the week. SUCCESS!!! Photogs are not kidding when they call sunset the “magic hour”! It was perfect!! There were a few people there, but not too many. We were able to run around and I just snapped away while they played! I’m not professional and really don’t know all the ins and outs of my camera, but I think they turned out pretty good!! :)

DSC_0002_1       DSC_0019_1

These were after school one day! I just had to throw them in b/c I just love them!! :)




DSC_0076_1       DSC_0079_1


DSC_0085_1  DSC_0090_1  DSC_0094_1

DSC_0103_1       DSC_0111_1

DSC_0118_1    DSC_0119_1


DSC_0162_1       DSC_0168_1



I absolutely LOVE this picture!!! SOOO sweet!!!


The Smiths said...

These pictures are adorable!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

They came out precious!

Rachel Larson said...

They turned out so well!!!! Great job! I love the one of G and LK and E in the background. So sweet!