Tuesday, February 24

the love of my life....

Yep, you guessed it!! A DYSON! I have been (very impatiently!) longing for one of these for about a year now.. and finally my incredible husband gave in and came home with one. Talk about FABULOUS!! I told him that i wanted the "purple" one. Haha! Basically, it's for animal owners.. it takes care of all the hair. I love animals and I understand they shed, but there's nothing i hate more than seeing someone's carpet and furniture covered in pet hair!! NO THANKYOU! Well, he got me the "purple" one (DC25) and even surprised me by getting the one with the ball! YAY! I am a happy girl!! I gave it a test run last night and let me tell you... it was by far the most manuverable and light-weight vaccum I've ever used and there is not one pet hair in my carpet!! (Did I mention that I have practically WHITE carpet and a CHOCOLATE lab... yeah, her hair is a little noticable!) I am totally and completely IN LOVE!! (with my husband, of course, for buying it!!) :) I know they're expensive, but in my book.. worth every penny!! Tonight..... the couches!!

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