Monday, February 23

Start of a new week!!

I can not tell you how excited I am to begin this new week!!! HOORAY!! It's not because anything special is going on or anything is planned. In fact, NOTHING is going on in our lives this week.... that's what makes it SO GREAT!! Last week was crazy for us! And i mean crazy...
A week ago Saturday Ethan broke out with little red bumps all over his back and "bends". He has very sensitive skin and eczema and suffers from allergies, so at first this did not alarm me. But when they didn't go away after a few hours or by the next morning, I knew something was up! We took him to the doctor Monday morning and he was diagnosed with CHICKEN POX!! Seriously.. my child.. chicken pox?! This did not make me happy to say the least!
Then later Monday, both my husband and I came down with the stomach bug! It's bad enough when one parent is down with a bug.. but BOTH?! It was definitely rough!
Luckily the kids did not come down with the bug! Thank goodness! And even more lucky... Lilly Kate has shown SO FAR no symptoms of the pox! She still has about a week and a half of possibly breaking out with it, but with all hope she won't!
LK went to the ENT on Thursday afternoon and is scheduled for surgery on March 4th for tubes in her ears! Yet another doctor's appointment for the week...... (Have I mentioned that in the last month I have spent about $300 on doctor visit co-pays for my kids?! RIDICULOUS!!!)
So, by Friday our week was finally starting to look up a little! We were at least going to finish it off well! Or so i thought.....
Friday morning I was getting ready to leave home and as i got half way down the street I remember that I left my phone. You know, the little red blackberry that has somehow become more important to me than even my purse?! I could probably do without my entire purse or even money for a whole day... but that phone... forget it! It's essential! So, in a hurry I pulled back in the drive way, opened the garage, opened and closed the car door.... and BAM!! it closed right on my finger!!! Yep, my right hand, middle finger. It immediately looked about 4 times the size it normally is. It was gushing blood because some skin had been pulled off the front. Needless to say, it was not pretty! Being to brave "mom" I am, I of course could not show tears... but believe me I wanted to cry!! Not to mention the complete embarrassment of having to tell my husband what i had done.... i felt like i was 7! I mean, seriously... who does that?! I got through my day, but it was definitely one of pain! It's still in a splint today and changing diapers is not such an easy task these days!
SO...after chicken pox, a stomach bug and a broken finger... we are beginning a NEW WEEK!!! I am taking a deep breath (maybe holding it a little....) and basking in the glory! Lord, please be with us!! :)
Know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time. Matthew 28:20

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