Monday, February 23

My sweet sweet Haley

Ok, so for those of you that know my dear friend Haley, you know that she and I are strikingly similar. To strangers we look as though we are sisters (can not tell you the number of times we've heard that!) and to our friends and family, we're just alike in the way we think about things and do things. Well, for almost a year now we've talked about starting up our own little "Mommy" business. So, we've been working on some things and she recently sent me these pictures of some applique work that she's done. She's GREAT!!! I mean fabulous! (Yes, i'm bragging on her a bit!) Take a peak at her work! (and order from her!!!) :) I'm sure you'll start to see ALOT more from us in the near future! I'll try to get some pictures up soon of the invitations and stationary that i've created!

Talk about ADORABLE!!! LOVE the puppy set!! :)

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