Monday, May 18

LOTS of catching up to do!!

Ok.. i have been TERRIBLE lately with blogging!! And i mean... HORRIBLE! We have had our hands full lately and i just have fallen behind Big Time!

Here's just some randoms...

Rule #1 in our house... NEVER (and i mean, NEVER!!!) leave Ethan alone in a room!

or... you'll walk in and find something like this!
OR... you'll find feet like these... G-R-OSS!!! ugh... BOYS!

or even worse... you'll find this mess!!! sugar and flour drenched in SUNBLOCK all over the kitch counters!!!! (sent by my husband's blackberry!... NOT a good day at home!) :)

after 5 years.... i think she's had enough of the camera constantly in her face! (i'm sad.....)

our family canvases for the kid's bathroom upstairs.... so cute!!

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