Friday, May 29

Show Us Where You Live: Lilly Kate's Room!

One of the blogs i follow (Kelly's Korner) does a weekly post titled "Show Us Where you Live Friday". She picks a "topic" and displays the room of choice every week. Then she asks her followers to participate as well. Well, I've never participated. Probably b/c my house is never clean enough to actually post pictures of it! However this week was perfect!! Kelly's topic today is "Children's Room and Nurseries"!! I showed a sneak peak of LK's new "Big Girl" room earlier this week and promised to show more pics soon. So... here you go!!

Show us Where you Live Friday... Lilly Kate's Big Girl Room!

A few things before you see the pics.. this is still a work in progress! One.. we still dont have her hot pink drapes up! Two.. her headboard is still not ready! The bed that's currently in the room was a daybead from Chris' parents house. It is temporary until Mommy makes the real headboard! So, just imagine a turqouise upholstered headboard!:)