Wednesday, May 20

San Francisco!!

Those of you who know me well know that San Francisco, California is my most favorite city in the US! ... well, my most favorite of ANY city i've visited - US or abroad! I love everything about it.. the sites, the food, the history... the SHOPPING! :) It's beautiful and I just can't get enough of it. It doesn't hurt also that i have family out there... great excuse for a visit! I've met some really great cousins and family members. :)

Well, this time last week I was packing up to head to my favorite place. I was completely excited! #1 b/c , umm Hello.. it's San Fran! and #2... NO KIDS for FOUR whole days!! (ahhh.. so peaceful) My grandmother and I were headed out for some family matters. Our trip started with some HUGE delays and standbys at the airports but we finally made it out and completely enjoyed ourselves!

I didnt' really do all the "siteseeing" type of things that i've done in the past, so i just decided to post pictures from previous trips. ENJOY!

Crabs... you delicious thing you!

Pier 39.. the sea lions!

Cable Cars!!


Golden Gate Bridge! (the best view actually came from the airplane window as we were leaving!)

Full House, anyone?! They're called the "Painted Ladies".

Boats in Fisherman's Wharf

ME! (3 yrs ago @ Twin Peaks.. best view of the city!)

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The Byingtons said...

OMG we're leaving for San Fran (for the first time) on Friday!! Your post just got me even more excited! If you get a chance, will you send me the names of some restaurants (or other things) that you would recommend?? We're doing some tours (city tour, Muir Woods/Alcatraz, & Napa Valley), but haven't made definite decisions on restaurants yet.