Monday, May 18

One afternoon all the windows and doors were open, as we were all enjoying the beautiful weather. I noticed that Ethan had grabbed his blanket from inside and when i went to see what he was doing, I found him like this.... watching the clouds...

Her Daddy has started her obsession WAY TOO EARLY!!

A few weeks ago was the kid's Mother's Day/Spring Program at school. The pictures look terrible.. SORRY!.. but they did a great job! Of course, Lilly knew every word and every move she was taught. Ethan on the other hand was too busy trying to figure out how to break his "shaker" that he didn't sing. Still as cute as ever though! :)
*E is the boy in the front in the light green jon-jon with embroidered frogs!*

*LK is the bright pink bow in the back! haha!*

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