Tuesday, May 26

what a fun weekend!

Our fun-filled Memorial Day weekend started out with a gathering with our friends Haley & Blake. They invited us over for a day of swimming and grilling! Luckily, the rain held off just long enough to get some great sunshine and pool time! :) The kids had a blast, as this was their first time in the pool for the year. Ethan is finally able to swim by himself (with a life jacket and swimmies of course!), so we all just had loads of fun! Huge thanks to Haley and Blake for having us over!

We got to hang out with the Murphy's too! Mommy, Kelley.. Daddy, Brandon and SWEET baby Payten!! She's adorable and I really enjoyed getting to love on her! :)

Blake and Haley Geabhart

E and G playing in the sand!

Gracie Geabhart and Payten Murphy

Hay had her hands full! (literally!) Baby #2 is on the way too! :)

Ethan was finally able to get in the water by himself!!! (with a little help from Big Sister, of course!) :)

YAY!! He's swimming!! :)