Wednesday, September 22

Fireman to the Rescue!!

Last week was Fire Safety week at school, so we had a visit from the firemen!!! Ethan was SO excited!!! The firemen came in their truck and talked to everyone all about fires... how there are good fires and bad fires, what to do if there is a bad fire and to NEVER be scared of the firemen in their uniforms! They gave all the kiddos a tour of the firetruck and even let them climb inside! At the end of their talk with the kids, they had a special surprise... they turned the hose on and sprayed water all over the back lawn of the church! They kids LOVED it!!!

my little man! i couldn't help but make him this little shirt!

my sweet class at 2nd! (cora, causey, margaret, teddy, mark, sarah grace, charlie, lela, alexa, anna, kirsten and cristian)

What made the day even more special is that the fireman who was talking to us is the dad of one of my students!!! Kirsten was so surprised to find out that her daddy was there!

Fireman Chris (aka - Kirsten's Daddy) showing us that a fireman is not scary with his mask on!

He was SOOO excited!!!

taking a peek at all the fun stuff on the firetruck!

Ethan and his friend Thomas... of course, Thomas had to have a matching shirt! :)

my 12 sweet ones!

We had SUCH a fun time learning all about fire safety! After the visit from the firetruck we even learned how to "STOP, DROP, and ROLL!" (and boy was THAT fun!!! haha!)



Haven's Mom said...

I would love to know where your class purchased the ABC rug? It's so cute!!

Tara said...

Too cute! My little guy was obsessed with the fire hat he received when the firefighters visited his school last year. He wore it until it was actually falling apart. I finally found a sturdier replacement at Target and he wears it around the house almost every day.

Nicci said...

Hey girl! I need a banner for a baby shower on Sunday! I don't know if it is too late but just let me know. I lost your number or I would have called you sooner!