Sunday, September 19

Weekend Wrap-Up ... TWO weekends ago, that is!

Goodness... posting has just gotten away from me lately!! I can not believe that I am two weekends behind in posting! Not to mention so fun posts from activities at Ethan's school!! I promise that I'll get caught up on everything ASAP! :)

TWO weekends ago.. (11th & 12th)

Ok, these pictures dont really have anything to do with the weekend, other than that's when I took them, but they were too cute not to post. Ethan and Huck have such a fun and special relationship. In fact, Ethan calls Huck either his "Buddy" or his "Brother"! It really is adorable. Huck is really starting to listen to Ethan too... you know, all the basic commands, "sit", "stay", "down", "HUCK.. NO!!!! THAT'S MY LOVIE!!!!".. you know.. the basics! ha!

I snapped this one and thought it was precious! I was in the kitchen and could hear them playing.. this is what i walked into. Ethan.. pantless.. and Huck obeying his every command! LOVE it!

This was later that night.. playing in the kitchen.

I love that E can tumble all over Huck and Huck doesn't mind one bit! He is definitely the world's BEST dog!!! I think these two are going to have so much fun growing up with each other! :)

Ok... on to the weekend...

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to one of my favorite fall festivals of the year.. the Germantown Festival. As we we walking up to all the crafts tents, it started raining. Luckily, it was just a light rain for a few minutes and then stopped, so we got to still enjoy it!

What a ham!

I stocked up on tons of adorable fall/holiday decorations for the house and LK loaded up on hairbows!! The kids and Chris even came home with new Memphis t-shirts.. me, not to much! ha! ;) And of course, we STUFFED our faces with pronto pups and funnel cakes! YUM! (you know that's the real reason I go... haha! jk!) We had a great time! After snacking, we met up with Chris' parents, granparents, Aunt Debbie and out of town visitors.

Chris and I left the kids with his parents for the rest of the afternoon, so they could enjoy all the rides. We decided to go by Saddlecreek and do a little shopping. After that, we came home to enjoy the peace and quiet for just a few minutes. And this guy needed some extra attention...

I know he's a boy.. but goodness.. isn't he just pretty?! :)

He doens't realize that he's an 80+ lb dog.. he thinks he's tiny and that your lap is where is belongs!

After a quick "nap", it was off to dinner! With the craziness of our September schedule, Chris and I had to celebrate our Anniversary a little early this year. So we decided to keep it low key and go to dinner. Of course, we went to a definite fave.. Bonefish! You can never go wrong with their Bang Bang Shrimp and Mango Salsa Salmon (definitely get it with the steamed mixed veggies and potatoes au gratin!). Chris ordered their new Tokyo Style Ahi Tuna and LOVED it! He said it had just the right spice.

I got Chris a new watch from Outdoors! He really liked it! Best part is that he can switch up the bands.

Little did I know, but I had a HUGE surprise waiting for me....

this little blue box..

Yes... I squealed with delight!

I had desperatly been in need of some new pearl earrings and boy did he deliver! :) I am one happy girl!! Now, I have new beauties in my ears and my old ones are put away for LK! (she has pearl studs, but they're just the baby size - so she is super excited about Mommy's new gift! haha!)

I sure do love this man.. and is WAY too good to me! :)

Other than that, the weekend was pretty calm. Sunday afternoon we went to get the kiddos new mattress sets (and let me just tell you that that $500 price tag just about gave me a heart attack!!! REALLY??! SO expensive!), so now they're REALLY not babies anymore!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I promise that I'll get all caught up this week!



Jodi said...

I thought that was you! we were at bonefish that Saturday night too! how funny!

Rachel said...

There is nothing better than getting a gift that comes in a perfect, little blue box :)