Tuesday, September 7

Our "Special Outing"

We woke up early Saturday morning and surprised the kids with a special visit to Papa's work! Chris' dad works for Caterpillar in Memphis and was working on a Saturday, so we got to go up so the kids could ride on the "tractors". Ethan has been before, but LK never has. And even I got to go this time to take pictures! :) We had SO much fun!!! There are construction vehicles galore... every little boy's (and big boy's) dream! I can't tell you which Stickles boy was the most excited about the adventure! ha!

no one but LK can make a bright yellow tractor look so good ;)

SO serious!

i think this one definitely deserves a frame! :)


i sure do love him

look how big that dumptruck is!!! we didn't get to ride on one of these.. hopefully next time! :)

We got to stay for about 45 min or so and had a blast! Ethan was running around crazy from one SUPER BIG vehicle to the next! I was nervous at first, but then just let him run loose. It was hilarious to watch him climb up the sides of these ridicously large machines and not be the least be scared! We had such a great time hanging out with Papa and hearing about all the machines, what they do and how they work. After our visit Papa had to get back to work on a bulldozer for BFI (yes, the dump... GROSS!). It was an emergency job, which is why he was there on Saturday. Lucky for him, this was a rather new one, so it didn't stink too bad yet! lol :)

We are definitely looking forward to our next visit!


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Jenny said...

How fun!! Your babies are too cute!