Thursday, September 30

Disney On Ice

This past weekend was a hectic one for sure! It started Saturday with Chris and the kids going out to Arlington for a birthday party. Usually I would go along, but I had prior engagements.... LK's ballet company is performing The Nutcracker for Christmas and needed volunteers. With my ballet and backstage knowledge, I volunteered.. not really thinking much of it. Until I got an email asking me to actually perform a part in the show! So on Saturday I put ballet shoes on my feet and spent two hours in the studio for rehearsals! It was the first time I've even put ballet shoes on in almost 10 years! And boy was my body hurting the next day!!! My legs were BURNING! Even though all of the other girls were in their teens, I think I kept up pretty well though! ha! ;) We have rehearsal every Saturday until the show in December. So, if you get a chance, say a little prayer that my legs dont give out on me! ha!

After the first party and rehearsal, we met at home and headed to party #2 for the day. The kids didn't last long at that one though! E was VERY rambunctious and LK was starting to not feel well. So, we called it a night and headed home. LK slept from 6 that night till 8 the next morning... she was SO sick! Poor thing!!

Sunday, we went to visit Nana and Papaw. Papaw had surgery last week and the kids had made get well cards for him. So, we had to go visit so they could deliver their masterpieces and we could check up on him.

After we left Nana and Papaw's, we went home for naps! We had to make sure everyone was well rested for our super fun activity planned for that night! :)

We surprised the kids with tickets to Disney On Ice!! LK has been before, when it's just been the princesses, but Ethan hasn't been. When we heard that Buzz and Woody would be in the show, we just knew that we had to get tickets! So, after naps, they got dressed up and we headed downtown!

Snow White!

Snow White and Buzz

he was pointing his "laser" at daddy

The show was about celebrations.. everything from birthdays, to holidays, to the different seasons.

the brooms from Fantasia

SO excited!

Celebrating Summer by having a luau.. Lilo and Stitch were there! :)

We had special visits from Alice and Wonderland & Gang celebrating birthday's with a tea party, the Disney villians - Captain Hook, Jafar, Malificent and the witch from Snow White - celebrating Halloween, all the Disney princesses celebrating Valentine's Day, plus a few others.. THEN, came the highlight of the show... the Toy Story Gang celebrating CHRISTMAS!!!

Ethan was SO excited!! He had been waiting the entire show to see them!

And of course Tinkerbell was there!

Mickey Mouse as Santa

It was such an exciting show and everyone LOVED it.. as you can tell! ha!

I hope everyone is having a great week!



Natasha said...

i love how they dress up like their fav characters... i would TOTALLY do that and i'm an adult!! =)

Ashley said...

I love Disney on Ice!! Your babies are precious. Lovin' your blog. New follower!