Monday, September 6

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Whew! What a weekend! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!! :)

We started off the weekend Friday night with a visit from Aunt Lynsey, dinner and a stop by PBO - major sale - GREAT buys!! Saturday started with a "special outing".. but I'll blog about that tomorrow! For right now, I'll just skip right ahead to Saturday afternoon.. PAYTEN'S 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

We had SO much fun!! Kelley had the party at a park in Bartlett and the weather could not have been more perfect! In fact, the entire weekend was beyond gorgeous!!! Usually Labor Day weekend in unbearable in Memphis, but not this weekend! We definitely took advantage! :) I dont think we closed the windows once all weekend. The breeze was incredible! The kids had a blast running around and playing on the playground.

Amanda made this adorable cake for the party. She did SO good! :)

LK, Haley and Gracie

Kelley and her precious Birthday Girl

"Happy Birthday to YOU!"

Addyson obviously enjoyed the cake! :)

Sweet Baby Emerson

GIFTS!!! We picked up a floating bathtub dollhouse for her at PBO! It was adorable!

I spent last Thursday (when I was home with sick Ethan) monogramming some b-day shirts for Pay. They turned out REALLY cute!!! I am definitely in "Halloween Monogramming" mood! I can't wait to get some shirts done for the kiddos! :)

I think Kelley and Payten really liked them!


ELMO!!! and Strawberry "Cupcake" - aka Strawberry Shortcake! ha!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Chris' grandparents for a family get-together. We had yummy cookout and got to visit! It was such a nice time.

Sunday, we spent the day swimming at my grandmother's house. Well... the kids swam! The water was WAY too cold for me and Chris!! ha! She bought steaks for the family and Chris grilled them for us. It was DELISH! We got so full from dinner that we really could have all just gone home and slept the rest of the night... but we couldn't!! We had other plans! :) We decided to take advantage of the weather and enjoy Member's Night at the Memphis Zoo! Every so often at the zoo, they keep it open late just for members and have special "member perks" like free kiddie rides, adult beverages, live entertainment and swimming in the "Nile River". (The Memphis Zoo is set like it's Memphis, Egypt and has an egyptian theme) It was SO much fun! We ran into several friends and had a great time!

my handsome boys

train ride in the dark!!

LK had a blast dancing to the DJ's music! The girl can definitely bust a move.. that's for sure! ;) (she gets that from her mama! ha!)

After the rides, the animals and the dancing, it was time for SWIMMING!!

singing to Miley - "put your hands up, they're playing our song... Party in the USA!"

Today, we just took it easy.. ran a few errands and did some things around the house. Grams even stopped by for dinner! :) All in all a wonderful weekend!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) I will finish my blog about Saturday soon!!



Candice Lynn said...

you have the cutest kids ever.

E and Addyson are pretty cute too :)

Candice Lynn said...

you have the cutest kids ever.

E and Addyson are pretty cute too :)