Saturday, September 17

iPhone Randoms

 I was busy getting photos for posts off of my phone and realized that I had a few random pics that really didn't go with anything, so.. enjoy! :)

I knew that Huey Lewis concert in utero would pay off! ;)

Typical.. play hard and then pass out!

Now that I have to go into the boys' room to get Gray, I get to see how Ethan sleeps throughout the night. I tell you.. every time I go into the room he is in a different position. Usually with 2-3 limbs off of the bed and his head down at the bottom! I'm surprised he doesn't fall off! It's hilarious!

E wanted to hold G.. G looks TERRIFIED! haha!

They hung out like this for several minutes though.. precious!

Of course, LK wanted a chance too! I love G's smirk!

Gray was fussy one afternoon and Chris and I were both running around with dinner, fixing G a bottle, etc. So, Chris asked LK to hold him for just a minute so we could finish everything up. Well, of course, Gray screamed the entire time (the poor kid was starving!) and LK was beside herself!! She did not like it one bit! She was yelling at us to come get him and had a look of sheer panic on her face. And, being the wonderful mother that I am, took pictures instead of picking up my screaming child from my other screaming child! Fun times in the Stickles House! ha! (btw - if they would let every middle/high school student alive spend 10 minutes with a screaming baby, I bet you $1000 that the teen pregnancy rate would drop.. DRAMATICALLY! haha!)

This just really made me laugh! The other day Ethan wanted to sit in the 3rd row. Well, it was just the two of us so it was like we were miles apart! At least he kept himself entertained! :) I sent this to Chris and joked "Is this what life is like for the middle child.. being stuck in the back??" HA!

My sweet boy and I at his school for cookies!

HOTTY TODDY!!!! He was SO excited for game day!!

Love him!


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Rachel said...

I am LOVING that Ole Miss onesie on baby Gray! He looks good in Rebel Red :) Hotty Toddy!