Monday, September 19

Gray's First Day of PDO!

Last Tuesday was Gray's very first day of Parent's Day Out. It felt extremely weird dropping him off somewhere! LK and E stayed home until they were a year old, so it was completely new to me! I knew he would do great though.. and he did! He was such a big boy. He'll be attending on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ethan was excited that Gray would be joining him at school! :)

They were SO excited that I was trying to take pictures! ha!

Gray's "teacher" this year is Mrs. Jennifer. She was also Ethan's 2yr old teacher. We just love her to pieces and I'm so thankful and blessed that she's had both of my boys. They are so lucky to have her! :) I felt so much more at ease leaving Gray in her hands.

He had a great day and was smiling all afternoon when I picked him up! :)


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Love from Texas said...

He looks like a little lineman! LOVE his outfit :)