Thursday, September 22

My little Cheerleader!

Well, gone are the days of ballet shoes and tutu's! My little girl has moved on to the world of cheerleading!! I can't believe it! When did she get SO BIG??!! I have to admit.. it broke my heart a little. Being a Mama who did classical ballet from the time I was 2 through college, I was expecting to see those little ballet shoes for a long time! But, anything that makes her happy.. makes me happy. (and she looks pretty darn cute in her uniform!) ;)

Earlier in August we had Jamboree.. our team won 16-0! (and we've won every game since then!) I dont know if that's good or bad.. good that we have a great team and it's exciting.. bad b/c that means our season will go longer into November and it will be FREEZING!! ha!

Daddy claims that she gives him more and more gray hairs everyday! :)

Ethan could care less about his sister cheering... although, he does enjoy the games and can't wait until next year when he's old enough to play!

He obviously was more concerned about eating his lunchable that Noni brought for him! ;)

It was SOO muggy at Jamboree. We had to strip Gray down to his diaper! Poor thing! Like I said, he is a trooper and is so good about just going along with everything we have to do!

LK and her coaches.. Alex and Kate. They cheer for Houston.

We are loving watching her cheer! You can just tell on her face how much she enjoys it! All of the girls are just too sweet and I've had a great time chatting with all the Moms at practices and tumbling lessons. I can't wait to see what it's going to be like next year with LK cheering and E playing football! :)


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-Nicci- said...

Is that Kennedy B. with LK in her cheer picture? She was one of our precious first graders last year!