Tuesday, September 6

Pitiful Baby Gray

My sweet little man is not feeling himself lately! :( Last Tuesday evening I noticed that he was struggling to breathe a little, so I made him an appointment for early Wednesday. After several tests and ruling out of lots of ailments (RSV, bronchitis, asthma, allergies...) we have no idea what's really wrong with him. We have been having to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock and he's on an oral steriod. He seems to be getting in better spirits, but is still not breathing quite like he should. The main worry is that he's not eating as much as he should. When he's trying to eat, he can't breathe and eat at the same time so he ends up choking and having to catch his breath. NOT FUN! He's also not sleeping.. again, b/c he can't breathe. He wakes himself up after 20min or so gasping for air. AGAIN.. NOT FUN! I am in constant worry! :(

this is his breathing mask.. Ethan calls it Nemo! :)

But through it all he's been such a trooper! :) In the past day or two we've even seen a few smiles and grins.. that's enough to ease my heart of all worries! Hopefully we're on the path to feeling better and we're praying that this is the end of this and isn't something that will be ongoing!

Gray is also TWO MONTHS OLD today!!! I'll do his 2mo post tonight! :)


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p.V.e said...

So scary! I hope they figure out what's wrong soon! My prayers are with you!