Tuesday, September 20

Morning at the Park!

Over Labor Day Weekend we wanted to take advantage of the cool weather as much as we could, so when we woke up one mornign and it was 65 degrees outside we immediately headed to the park! It was incredible outside!! We weren't the only ones with that idea though, b/c the park was very quickly filling up!

Gray was so sweet in his pants and hoodie! It was the first time that he had been in this much clothing! It definitely felt like a fall morning with everyone in pants and sweatshirts.

G and I had to take a time out so that he could eat.

Ethan was hilarious coming down the slide.. this was his favorite move!

Gray took a turn on the slide too!

He also went down like this.. he looked like one of the Olympic "skeleton luge" guys! We may have a future Gold Medalist on our hands! ;)

He also liked to flip over half way down! This kid was a mess!

G got to wear shoes for the very first time!! :)

We had so much fun!! It was such a nice break from the crazy heat.. although, a little bit of a tease! We as SOOO ready for fall!!!

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The Byingtons said...

What a fun morning!! Great pics. Gray is getting so big! We are SO ready for fall too. Unfortunately, now that we're down here in Tallahassee, I'm not sure how soon that will happen!