Thursday, June 25

All about ME!

So, a friend of mine, Caroline, posted this little "Get to know Me" thing and I just had to follow along! How fun?! Once you become a Mom, you dont really get to talk about yourself anymore. It's always about the kiddos! So.. here's a little bit about me!

I love polka dots.. like, really, really love polka dots. It’s an obsession. If I could have everything polka dotted, trust me.. I would!

I absolutely love my husband. I think how life works out is sometimes a mystery, but I’m glad mine has worked out exactly the way it has! I think God had a plan for us.. we just had to stop being so stubborn to finally see it! He’s my best friend and probably the only person in the world who can put up with me and my ways. :) I am extremely lucky to have him.

I love to travel. I have been almost everywhere in the US, so I’m thinking Europe and Australia are next on my list! (hint, hint Christopher! Ha!) So far, San Francisco is my favorite! I love everything about it.. the food, the shopping, the weather.. everything!

I can’t cook. Seriously.. can’t do it! Believe me, I try and I can do simple things, but cooking an entire meal is enough to make me break out in hives! I can bake though and I love it! Funny thing is, that I don’t eat what I bake b/c I don’t like sweets. I’m strange, I know! :) I just enjoy the exactness of it. The measurments and the fact that if as long as you follow the recipe, you can't mess it up!! I dont like to fail! :)

I love buying new things for my home. I am constantly coming home with something that was “just a great deal”!! (I think everything is a great deal when I want it.. ha!) I am always painting and redecorating rooms and thinking of news ways I can re-do furniture. I think the ladies in PB and PBO know me by first name now. (not the mention the UPS guy!)

I’ve pretty much lived in Memphis my entire life. I don’t necessarily love Memphis, but I love living in the South. I would really like to move to South Carolina or the Georgia coast. I love everything about the South and being Southern. I wouldn’t want my children to grow up anywhere else! I want to be just like my great-grandma Mae one day… still growing vegetables and gardening at 92! When I was little I would watch Gone With The Wind over and over and pray to be just like Scarlett! Haha.. oh, what imaginations little girls have! :) (and I think I kept that “scarlett attitude” with me!)

I happen to think that my children are the most beautiful, photogenic kids in the world. I may be a bit bias, but have you seen them?! I absolutely love my kids and I love that I get to be home with them as much as I am. Growing up, I never really wanted kids and I wasn’t exactly “motherly”. Once I became a Mom though, my entire outlook on life changed and my world revolves around them. I love that my Lilly Kate may look just like her Daddy, but she is truly me on the inside! I love that Ethan has Hercules upper-body strength and is destined to be a linebacker, but still bashfull and sweet! They’re polite, fun-loving and have the best smiles in the world. They’re growing so fast and I strive to make each day a happy one for them and give them all the things they want. Yes, I spoil them, but spoiling is a way of life for me. I’ve been spoiled for 26 years! They keep me laughing and can make any bad day better!

I miss my grandfather more than anyone will ever know. He was my most favorite person in the world. To this day, I still walk in my grandmother’s house and expect him to be there.

I have recently come to terms with learning to forgive. (and I say that loosely) I have struggled with this for such a long time. There are not many people in this world whom I dislike or judge. I don’t like to be judged, so I don’t do it.. bottom line. In saying this, I wasn’t always so good at doing so. If you know me, then you know what I’m talking about. I wont go into specific detail about it, but I will just say that I held a grudge and I judged certain people. I thought not-so-nice things about this person and couldn’t seem to forgive the childish, selfish acts that were put against me. However, I have come to realize that not everyone is perfect (no matter how perfect they think they are) and that karma always comes back to you... times 10! I am happy with my life and that’s all that matters. I think faith in God and having a kind, Christian heart are the most important attributes to posses.. truly forgiving is the first step!

I couldn’t think of a #10, so I’m just going to list some of my favorite things… kate spade. shopping. big sunglasses. oversized purses. the lake. margaritas & hurricanes. high heels. sushi. "me" time. road trips. going to dinner. southern etiquette. black & white pics. Pat O's! San Francisco. pearls. polka dots. baking. designer jeans. my cashmere gloves. pottery barn & PBKids. my maclaren buggy. crab cakes. traveling. taking pictures. attempting to cook. snowflakes. the derby & mint juleps. pedicures. tennis. Christmas shopping. Audrey Hepburn. dressing up. fishing. anything monogrammed. weddings. baseball. whiskey on game days & tailgating! retail therapy. online shopping. huey’s cheese fries & ranch dressing. closet and office organization. bubble baths and a glass of wine. Macy’s cosmetic counters.
Things that are not my favorite! - Mr.Edd & bangs! storms. chocolate & sweets. liars/hypocrites. 5 o'clock traffic. dust. a messy kitchen. feet. yellow teeth. bills. drama. cigarette smoke. bad manners. beer - esp from a can (trashy). fake nails. public restrooms.

OK! Now it's your turn... tell me all about you! :)


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