Monday, June 1

Dancing Queen!

What another fun-filled weekend! Early Saturday morning we all got ready and headed back downtown for Lilly Kate’s dance recital. We got to the Canon Center around 10, for a show time of 10:30.. just enough time to put of the tutu and mascara-up those lashes of LK’s! Well, just like any other day in the Stickles house, what we thought was going to be smooth sailing quickly went into a frantic mess of a morning! Like I said.. it was 1o.. show time in 30 minutes.. and then it happened… I went to get Lil’s tap shoes from her bag.. NO BAG! WHAT?! … No bag! I forgot Lilly’s dance shoes!!! (and not just in the parking lot!) I jumped up and ran out of the dressing room to find Chris. I had him rush home to get the shoes! Now.. we have 30 min to show time.. LK was #6 in the lineup for her first dance.. and we live 20min away! Yeah, not going to happen! So, Daddy raced home to get the shoes (at least she’d have her ballet shoes) and I borrowed tap shoes from another pre-school group. Luckily, LK didn’t let the stress get to her and was totally ok with the new shoes! Daddy just BARELY made it back in time to see his princess perform her tap routine! WHAT A MORNING!! Lilly Kate did absolutely fabulous though!! She’s such a natural on stage and outshined all the other little girls! (really, she did.. not just saying that b/c I’m her mom!)  She knew her routine perfectly and had the biggest smile (and curls!) on stage!! I’m such a proud mom! Definitely makes me miss my 18+ years of ballet training! (and those legs muscles!!) HA!

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Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

Gotta love some dance recital pics!!!!!