Friday, June 5

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Home Offices

Today on Kelly's Korner, the topic is Home Offices. Well, I'm certainly NOT going to show you my "home office" right now b/c it's a MESS! Really, it is! I've been crazy busy all week with orders and making things for Ethan's birthday party! So... not showing! But I will show you a picture of my desk. It probably is my most favorite piece of furniture in my house. Why? ....

(and OF COURSE my office totally looks like this picture!! - yeah, right.. i wish! - i guess that would require not having kids!! hmm..) :) Because of THIS drawer! It's the entire length AND width of the desk.. HUGE! With adorable little cubbies built in. The picture below doesn't even show a third of the drawer! I AM IN LOVE! I seriously believe that I was meant to own this wonderous thing... we were meant to be! HA! :) In all honestly though, it fabulous and helps keep my sanity a little more in check with ultimate organization!

The best part is that it was my sweet, sweet husband who bought it for me! I had secretly (ok, maybe not soo secretly) been eyeing it for weeks. One day he called and said that Pottery Barn had marked it down. Long story short, in about 2hrs from that phone call it was MINE!

So, that's all of the home office (rather, bit of area that is strictly off limits to all persons under 4ft tall in my house!) you get to see. Maybe if it actually gets clean one day, and i stop being so busy and can clean it, then I can post actual pictues! Don't really see that happening though! :)


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Caroline said...

That's beautiful! Did you see it in the store, online or catalogue?