Friday, June 12

and the celebration begins...

The birthday celebrations have officially begun for the BIG TWO YEAR OLD!! E's day started off with lots of fun at school. We took Donut Holes to share with his friends during morning snack time. (Mrs. Katherine's request!) :) And when i went back to pick him up that afternoon, he had a big birthday card from his teachers complete with several pictures from his special day at school. He has the most wonderful teachers who just love him to pieces. He just loved all the attention he got yesterday and was handing out the hugs and kisses as he was leaving. Thank you so much to Mrs. Katherine, Mrs. Carrie and Miss Elizabeth for making my little (BIG!) boy so happy!! And thank you to Mrs. Marianne too!! (she moved to a new room for the summer, but still participated in the b-day festivities.. E LOVES her!) Here's E's birthday card.. sooo sweet!

After school we headed over to Goo-Goo's house for the first round of gifts and cake. Goo made the cutest little race car cake for E and he immediately was racing the cars all over the cake! He loved it! He had so much fun opening his gifts and playing with his new toys.

YAY! Little Tunes from Goo-Goo.. maybe now he wont try to steal Sister's IPod?! :)

And a CAT dump truck from Aunt Bev and Uncle Charlie!!

He is truly a Stickles Man! He absolutely loves working on "Papa's Trucks"!

He took a short time-out for some cake!

What a happy birthday boy!!
I tired to get some "smiling" photos.. but you can see how that turned out! Ethan DOES NOT like to sit still long enough to get a sweet photo! Oh well.. at least he enjoyed himself! :)

Always the clown! I have my work cut out for me with this child! JUST LIKE his Popie Kessler! :)

See what i mean!?!

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