Friday, June 19

Ethan's Birthday Party!

Well, I am FINALLY getting around to posting some pictures from Ethan's birthday party! (i still can't believe that he is TWO! just doesn't seem right!) Well, his party was supposed to be outdoors by the pool. Needless to say after some very severe weather that Memphis saw last Friday night... that didn't happen! We scrambled to get everything ready to have the party indoors and despite it all, everything turned out great! When it all comes down to it, as long as Ethan got some cake, a few gifts and some love from the grandma's.. he didn't care at all where his party was! :) I posted a few pics.. but you can see them all on our Picture Site . So go take a peek!


E and Granpa G

Thank goodness we pulled the bounce house down from the attic!! The kids loved it!!

So.. since the party was supposed to be outdoors, the blue icing wouldn't have been a big deal! But as i was passing out the cupcakes and begging everyone not to spill them on my carpet, I was regretting the blue icing decision!! :)

Ethan sure did love it though!!

His new helmet from Memaw that he wore for hours after his party!! :)

My little pirate! :)

Post Party... he was OUT!

And yes, in case you Mama's are wondering... I made all of the decorations through Sweet Lemons!!


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