Friday, June 5

My Best Friend's Wedding

Tomorrow morning Chris and I are off to Atlanta, Georgia (without our kids for 2 whole days!) to attend an engagment party! My favorite friend in the whole world is getting married (a year from today actually!) and her parent's are hosting an engagment party for she and her fiance. Have I mentioned that she has bestowed upon me to great honor of being her Matron of Honor!! I couldn't be more excited!

Jennifer and I met our freshman year at the University of Mississippi. (OLE MISS!) We were next door neighbors in the dorms, sorority sisters and quickly the best of friends. We instantly felt as though we had known each other our entire lives! I truly believe in soulmates and I believe that she is mine! I just love her to pieces and can not wait to see her! I'm so blessed that she's chosed me to be a part of this special time with her.

For Jen.. a few things to make you smile and laugh!
* Big Easy
* sunglasses at midnight
* Donny P's and the candle incident
* Sour Apple Martini's
* Paige.. i think that's all i have so say about that one!
* Double Decker and the entire bottle of wine!
* Bid Day 2002 and the Tiki Bar
* running out of gas at the haunted house
* running out of gas AGAIN and almost hitting a tree!
* Halloween Swap 2001
* Big Easy.. again.. ha!
*Crackers in my bed
*Easy mac
*paint on my pillow - that is still there to this day!
*Nectarine and Sugar Plum
*ghetto riding.. and then crashing!
*jack daniels.. lots and lots of jack daniels

Soooo many more.. I'm just getting started! :)

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