Tuesday, June 16

Papa's Tractors!

Early Saturday morning Chris and Ethan headed over to Papa's house. They were going to visit Papa's work! Chris' dad (and every other male family member!) has worked for Thompson Caterpillar in Memphis for years. So what more fun can a 2 yr old boy have for his birthday than drive the big "tractors" around?! Our little guy is obsessed with all things "Papa"!! Every time we drive down the road and he sees a construction site with vehicles, he yells out "Papa's tactor!" It's absolutely adorable. He has so many dump trucks and cement mixers at home it's ridiculous! And have i mentioned the newest craze with Bob the Buidler?! Ethan was beyond excited.. although from the pictures I think Papa was more excited than Ethan! :) They had a great morning full of "boy" fun!


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