Sunday, December 5

The Nutcracker 2010

This weekend was crazy busy and very exciting! Lilly Kate performed in her ballet company's performance of The Nutcracker! It was her first time to perform in a stage production. She's only had yearly recitals up to this point. It was SO exciting watching her perform on stage like that!!!

We had THREE performances this weekend... yes, THREE! Two on Saturday and one today. We are definitely exhausted but it was completely worth it! Her age group performed as the mice in the show. They were the cutest mice I've ever seen! :)

Everyone came to watch!!! Goo Goo and Lacie came yesterday...

as well as, MeMaw and Sally..

I forgot to pictures of Noni & Papa and Grandma Smith. They came to the show today. Hopefully, Noni will send me pics! ;)

LK and her sweet friend, Avery

her mouse face

me and my sweet girl. this was right before the 2nd show yesterday, so if I look exhausted, it's because I AM!


we couldn't use flash during the show, so this is the best I could get! :(

I turned it during the final bows though! :) Isn't she adorable!!

We were so tired after the show! We stopped for a quick bite to eat and went straight home.. and pretty much straight to bed!

a few of the mice with their sweet teacher Mrs. Erin

While we were gone all day yesterday, Chris and Ethan went and picked out our tree! They did a fabulous job!! It's perfect for the spot we chose! Tonight, we all decorated it! I still have a few quirks to work out.. mainly, Ethan bunching all his ornaments in one spot! ha! But, it already looks great!

so sweet!

Hopefully, I'll get the rest of the decorations up and ready soon! For the most part, they're up... I'm just not 100% sure that they're where I want them! That's the tough part of being in a new house.. figuring out where everything looks it's best!

Tonight, I have curled up and attempted to get all the Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail!

Well, that's pretty much our entire weekend.. Nutcracker.. Nutcracker... and more Nutcracker! We are SO looking forward to LK's paino recital next weekend. It will be our first to hear her play outside of practicing!! :) This coming up week, I am determined to finish up my Christmas shopping.. only a few more things to pick up! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


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Kelly said...

I'm so glad other people snuggle on the couch with thier huge dogs! LK looked absolutely adorable!