Friday, December 17

Sharing the Good News...

We told the kiddos about their new sibling last Wednesday. I went to the doctor that day and got the OK that everything looked great, so we decided to let them in on the news!! We knew that LK would be excited... she's been wanting another baby for the longest time. We weren't sure about E though.. you never know! (and he's VERY attached to me!) So.. we sat them down and told them...

They were ecstatic! :)

LK immediately reminded me that she wanted a baby sister (I guess she thinks that you can just decide and it will happen! ha!)

Chris showed them the ultrasound picture and explained to E that the baby was in my tummy.. I dont think he's looked at me normally since then! ha!

We attemped to get an "announcement" picture on Saturday, but E was NOT feeling it.. I got a cute one of LK though! :)

See what I mean??! ha! We framed this one and gave it to our parents and grandparents when we told them. I'm going to still try to get a better one though!

We are SOO excited about Baby #3!!! You can definitely already tell that I'm pregnant! I swear.. by the time you get to #3, I think you become a whale the day you find out! ha! ;)


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