Tuesday, December 28

A Stickles Christmas {Part One}

Just a warning... I have TONS of pictures from Christmas!!! It's going to take quite a few posts to get them all in! ;)

We started Christmas the weekend before by going out to my grandparents in Rosemark. We ate a delicious lunch and the kiddos loaded up on way too many goodies!

Ethan, Lilly Kate and Great Great Grandma Mae

LK and my "baby" sister, Elena - who just turned 16!!!

I actually spent most of last week in bed. :( My morning sickness was at an all time high. I definitely drug myself out of bed for a few very special activities though...

Thursday, we went to the Children's Museum to visit Santa!! I am definitely not a big fan of going to the mall.. it's always way too crowded.. and I refuse to let Chris have their picture taken at Bass Pro.. I dont care if it's free or not! haha! So.. we took advantage of our membership and headed to the Children's Museum. Santa was actually pretty good! And the kid's got to play in the museum for a while.. it was a win-win!

they LOVE Santa!!

After the museum, we headed back to East Memphis but a quick stop at Sweet Cici's first. If you live in Memphis and haven't been there, I definitely suggest going! It was delish!! (and such a fun little place!) We loaded up on some yummy frozen yogurt (with just about any topping you can imagine!) and then headed home to rest up for Christmas Eve!

Santa also came a little early... on Thursday he had his special elves (aka the FedEx man!) deliver a gift for me!

I am one happy mama!! I have wanted a DSLR for quite a while and Santa sure did deliver!!! I got several lenses and am LOVING it!!! Now.. I dont know how to really use it yet, but Candice promised the she'd give me a some lessons! :)


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Candice Lynn said...

I was hoping you were doing Christmas recaps. I miss the Stickles! Sorry you are feeling bad. And yes, I will give lessons :)