Thursday, December 30

Stickles Christmas {Part Two}

Now.. onto Christmas Eve!

Oh.. and I just noticed that I left out a VERY important part of the last post!! (OH MY!) Just in case y'all are wondering... YES!! Ethan does have a black eye in the pics with Santa!! The black eye was compliments of his sister and a door knob... THREE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! Oh man.. it was bad too! She went to close a door and he was in the way. PERFECT height for the door knob! Go figure! It immediately got a huge bump right on the bone under the eye and started turning all shades of purple, yellow and black!

Now... back to Christmas!...

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house. It's our traditional Christmas Eve gathering. Of course, Goo Goo was overloaded with gifts for the kids and even managed to spoil Chris and I this year too. We ate some yummy snacks and enjoyed ourselved so much! I always look forward to Christmas at Grams! It's defintely not the same now that Pop isn't with us anymore, but she still manages to make Christmas incredible! Bless that sweet woman!

LK and her Goo GOO


LK and MeMaw

and thanks to my brother... NERF guns!!! I see trouble brewing from this one! ;)

my mom

POWER TOOLS!!! {and they're real!!! SCARY!!}

AMERICAN GIRL!!! Last year she got Felicity.. this year she got Felicity's friend, Elizabeth!

matching nightgowns for LK and Felicity!

We left Gram's house to come home and get ready for Santa! LK got his cookies and milk ready.. and of course carrots and celery for the reindeer! E went out in the front yard and sprinkled the reindeer food! They were so excited!! Then Chris and I got busy getting all of Santa's gifts ready!! I took it easy on Chris this year and there was nothing for him to really build (unlike last year's doll house - that took SEVERAL days - and the playhouse from the year before - that took about a WEEK!).. he was thankful!

stockings are ready!! LK's was filled with hair accessories, a VB purse, PBK dollhouse pets, a Tangled Christmas ornament, and a new Leapster game. E's was filled with a reversible superman/batman cape & mask, a Leapfrog Jr game, superman legos and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ornament.


LK's loot - cafe table and chairs set, Easy Bake oven, Singer sewing machine, LaLaLoopsy, and American girl dog and a Lilly Pulitzer paper doll set

E's loot - an iron man mask, Batman batcave legos, a rocket ship, a basketball goal and a Tee Pee (that i sewed and chris put together!! i LOVE it!)

LaLaLoopsy!!! apparently this was a big ticket item this year??! who knew!! good thing I purchased one months ago! whew!

This was in my stocking.. Chris picked it up at an antique store for me. The characters in the book look exactly like me and Ethan! It's adorable!!

One of Ethan's favorite movies is Alvin and the Chipmunks, so Chis couldn't help but getting this ginormous container of cheese balls for him. It was the first thing he grabbed.. and yelled, "CHEESE BALLS!!!!" just like Alvin!

she's hooked already!


Huck even got a few goodies too.. a new turtle leash and a bear lovie (ethan said that he needed his own lovie b/c he kept taking his! ha!)

I didn't get any pics of mine and Chris' goodies, but we ended up surprising each other with a few happy's! Chris got some new shoes from J.Crew and tickets to an upcoming concert! He surprised me with a new antique chair for my sewing room, some amazing tall candleholders (like 3 feet tall!! awesome!) and an antique silver pitcher!!

Christmas morning with the kids was incredible! They were so happy with everything Santa left them! I think Christmas morning is one of the best things about being a parent.. the looks on their sweet faces is just priceless! It just doesn't get any better than that!

..more christmas coming soon..

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