Monday, December 20

Thank you, Lord, for Zofran and BeBands!!

Well.. I'm going to attempt to get myself caught up on this whole blogging thing! ha! Life lately has felt like a roller coaster spirling out of control. I have been so sick that I just set daily goals to make it through one day at a time. That means that EVERYTHING is catching up on me.. I'm forgetting ALOT.. and my mind is a total coatic mess! In one word.... PREGNANCY! UGH! I swear! My first two pregnancies were nothing like this! They made it look like a walk in the park! I had not a single complaint with LK and the only complaint that I had with E was that I was literally as big as a whale! haha! This one is thrown me for a loop though! If this is what normal pregnancy is like, then thank goodness my first two were easy-peasy b/c I might never had had any more children! ;)

Luckily, we finished up school last week!! THANK THE HEAVENS!! I can now lay in bed, spend an entire day in the house in my PJs, and NOT LEAVE! OH BLISS! I am surely going to enjoy these next two weeks!! The Zofran is helping alot, but nothing really helps! I am 10 weeks tomorrow, so i'm hoping that I have just another two or three weeks of this. I'm ready to enjoy being pregnant. Right now I'm just conviced that whoever is inside my tummy just hates me! ha! Not to mention that I already can't zip my jeans!!! Chris even went to Banana and bought me a size bigger and gave them to me as an early Christmas gift!! ha! God love that man!! I had to break down and go purchase a Be Band though and it's helped tremendously!! I am REALLY hoping that I dont get gigantic with this baby!

Now to recap..

On the 11th, LK had her Christmas Piano Recital!! She played Deck The Halls and did a fabulous job!! We are SO proud of her!! (esp considering that she'd only had FIVE lessons before the recital!) She absolutely loves her teacher Mrs. Amanda! Now.. we just need to find room to move the piano from my grandmother's house to ours!

Goo Goo and LK

MeMaw and LK

Noni, Papa and their babies!


Mrs. Amanda and her students that performed

LK just adores Mrs. Amanda's little girl, Ellie. She wouldn't leave without a picture of her! :)

Mrs. Amanda is also E's Pre-K teacher!!

The next night, we went over to Chris' parents for dinner (YUMMY snacks!) and a drive through Starry Nights! We had SO much fun! We have made this a yearly tradition!! Noni had a gingerbread house for the kiddos to decorate, although I think most of the candy went into Ethan's mouth instead of on the house! ;)

This past week was filled with school programs and Christmas parties! On Thursday, I went to Chick-Fil-A and loaded up with THREE trays of nuggets for the kid's schools! I looked a mess for sure! They all had a blast though and are SO ready for Christmas!

E's class at 2nd Baptist!

look at my sweet little man!


SANTA came to 2nd!!!! You can bet that E was the 1st one in his lap! I tell you.. my kids LOVE Santa!! We are SO excited to go see him this week! Daddy is home from work and I'm determined NOT to let my morning sickness get in the way of our fun!!

Well, I made it through the last few weeks of school! I am so proud of myself. I wasn't sure if I'd be able too! We are excited for this coming up weekend!! I'll try to post about this past weekend this week! It was filled with special birthday's and our first family Christmas get-together of the season!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!!


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Kathryn Reynolds said...

Congrats on the new baby! Hopefully you'll feel better soon! Also, the place where your daughter had her piano recital - is that the Beethoven Club? (I used to live in Memphis).