Thursday, December 30

Stickles Christmas {Part Three}

After opening all of our Santa goodies, we all got ready and headed to Chris' granparents for brunch and more presents!! The food was, of course, delish! (Nana's scalloped potatoes are incredibly yummy!) The kiddos loaded up on even more gifts!

The kid's (and Brittany and Brian) sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

We spent the rest of the morning at Nana and Papa's and got visit with family. We had a great time!! We left Nana and Papa's to come home and take naps! They were MUCH needed considering that we were all up at the crack of dawn!! (and C and I were awaken by JUMPING on the bed!!! ha! gotta love the ages of 6 and 3!)

After naps, Noni and Papa (and B & B) came over for dinner and MORE gifts!! It's always fun having all of them over!

We got a Wii!!! Thanks Noni and Papa!!!

{that yellow candlestick is one of my new ones from C!!! Amazing, right??!}

Christmas is never complete without a new CAT tractor! ;)

the orginal 3!
(yes.. i look TERRIBLE!! told y'all that this pregnancy was kicking my you know what!! it took all i had to even get out of bed to attend all these celebrations.. looking good was NOT an option! ha!)

my sweet little fam (with ALL THAT trash behind us! yikes!)

Well, Christmas was so much fun this year! And despite me feeling bad, we had a great time!! We had a total of 5 get-togethers (still one more with the Hunt Fam!) and 5 gift exchanges. My kids are officially spoiled! And my house is officially a wreck! We had no room to begin with.. now, it's just a total mess! Poor baby bean.. we have NO room for you!!! ;) We are definitely excited to have you join us for next Christmas though!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! And here's to a safe and happy New Year's!! We did a little celebrating today with the kiddos (post to come tomorrow!) and are excited to get together with the Caldwell's tomorrow night!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!!


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