Saturday, December 18

Our Christmas Card!

I absolutely LOVE our Christmas Card for 2010! I ordered them through Shutterfly and since I blogged about them, all I paid was $7 for shipping! What a deal!!! I have to admit that it was really hard to order them. Since I started designing stationary and selling on ETSY, I have always designed all of our invites and cards. This year I just couldn't do it though. The morning sickness definitely got in the way of my Christmas crafty-ness this year! :( All in all though, I am SO happy with our cards! I love how classy and festive they turned out! (and I love even more that they're printed on thick cardstock instead of flimsy photo paper!! i hate photo paper!) Of course, we filled it up with our family photos that Candice took for us! :)

I definitely think Huck makes the card complete!! ;) I can NOT wait wait to see who will be joining the card next year!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!! Merry Christmas from The Stickles Family!



Lea Liz said...

Love your card!!
It was the same exact one I chose!

Candice Lynn said...

Love the card :)