Tuesday, May 31

Fun at the Park! - Part 1

*Warning - LOTS of pictures!! We had so much fun that I got a little picture happy! ;)*

On Monday, we finally got the chance to try out the new Woodland Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms. Lilly and Ethan have actually already been with Chris' parents, but Chris and I hadn't been yet. I've heard such great things about it, so I've been itching to go. And you can be assured that it did NOT disappoint!!

We got there around 8:30 (I was told to get there early before it got crowded), but it didn't open until 9. It's actally still blocked off by a chain link fence, so you couldn't even get into the parking lot until right at 9. I'm sure once they finish all the construction, the fence wont be there anymore. Since we were there early, the kids wanted to go by and see the buffalo.

All weekend Chris had taken his kayak out of the Wolf River.. we had GORGEOUS weather all weekend!

Once the playground opened, we headed right in! The playground is broken up into several different "nests", all connected by "ivy tunnels". The tunnels are actually just wire frames right now, until the ivy grows over. You can see the potential though, and it's going to be incredible! The first stop was the sand & water nest.. an instant hit!

The next nest is the slide/rope/climbing nest. It was awesome and Chris was completely impressed with LK's climbing skills! ;)

My little monkey!

We stayed in this nest for quite a while, then moved on to the swing nest!

I'll post more pics from the other nests soon.. I had so many pics that I had to break it up.



Neely said...

It looks like a very fun day!

Love from Texas said...

This looks like so much fun! I mean, I kind of even wanna go play on it...

Kyndi said...

That park looks amazing! I think we should have a playdate there the next time we are in Memphis!