Tuesday, May 3

Taking it easy..

We haven't really done a whole lot lately.. the 3rd trimester is starting to kick in! :(

Our weekend pretty much consisted of running a few errands, a birthday party, and an early Father's Day gift! Friday, I ventured out to Saddlecreek to peruse the Vera Bradley Sidewalk Sale. I came away with some GREAT deals!!! Baby Gray now has his new VB baby bag and backpack, and Mommy came away with a new tote - all three for less than $100! I was a happy lady! We also made a stop for some new Sperry's for E. After Chris got home, we went to dinner and then went by Bass Pro Shop so Chris could pick up a Columbia fishing shirt that he's been wanting. Little did I know, but we would be coming home with his early Father's Day gift, as well!

 Ethan spotted all of the hunting and fishing Wii games and had a ball!!! A few of these will definitely be added to his birthday list! :)

Saturday, Chris had to work, so I cleaned out the kid's rooms and re-organized them. It completely wore me out! After lunch, I dropped LK off at the movie theater for a friend's birthday party. They saw Rio and LK said it was great! The rest of us are itching to see it! :) While she was the party, E and I went by PBO and WSO and found some goodies.

After Chris got home, we picked LK up and then went to visit my grandfather's grave. It was his birthday, so we took balloons and flowers for him! We miss Popie VERY much!! Then a quick dinner and back home.

Sunday consisted of a few more errands to run and then off to Bass Pro again to pick up Chris' new toy... a kayak! He's been wanting one for forever and I promised him that I'd get him one before Gray arrived. I figured with 3 kids at home that he'd need a little "me" time out on the Wolf River! ;) Usually he and Huck go and run the trails, so I know he will really enjoy this! Unfortunately it will be a while before he can test it out since Memphis is so flooded!

So... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, CHRIS!!! We love you and are so thankful for you!! :)

One of the goodies that we picked up at WSO was these awesome pancake molds!! The kids LOVE them!!! Chris made them for us Sunday morning. Hilarious that the Darth Vadar one came out darker!

The storms have subsided for now.. hopefully for a while! It has been absolutely crazy and unpredictable though. While we were in Kroger on Sunday, the sirens went off AGAIN and we had to very quickly gather up the essentials and head home! You should have seen this big old preggo belly running through the parking lot with a cart full of groceries, two kids (one yelling "the TOMATO sirens, Mommy!!!" b/c he can't say tornado) and a huge belly! That was a sight for sure! For the most part, we have escaped damage.. I can't say the same for the rest of the neighborhood!

This is literally right around the corner...

Trees down... streets completely blocked off.. scary stuff!

The worst part was that when this damage happened, the sirens didn't even go off!!!! The wind picked up, our electricity went off and 20 min later I saw this! I was shocked!!

Poor Huck is terrified of the storms.. he wont leave our sides when it gets scary outside!

Well, that's our update for now! ha! SOOO exciting, I know! ;) Here's some older pics that Chris sent me from his phone..

LK at the Easter Egg Hunt!

 E at the Redbirds game!!


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