Sunday, May 8

A movie & Basketball

We have had a super fun weekend around our house!! I'll start with Friday.. Chris took Ethan to see the new movie, Thor! Actually, all the guys got to go.. Chris, Ethan, Papa and Brian! I dont know who had the most fun?! ;) Ethan is REALLY into superheroes and especially the "Avengers". Thor is part of the Avengers, along with Captain America. His new movie comes out in a few weeks! What a fun summer to be a little boy!!

Of course, E had to have a Thor helmet and lightening hammer for the movie!! ;)

While, the boys were at the movies, LK got to hang out with Noni and Brittany. I'm told they enjoyed some yummy mexican and some girl shopping at Target! I was supposed to go, but opted to watch a movie in bed instead. (which actually turned into laundry, ironing and cleaning the kitchen! ha! hey.. you have to use your "alone" time wisely as a mom!!)

I woke up the next morning to this:

He is one happy boy!

Chris had to work Saturday morning, so I finished my cleaning while the kiddos played. After he got home, we dropped them off at Noni and Papa's house so that we could have a little "grown-up" time. We ended up getting tickets to the Grizzlies game! It was a blast!!

I have never in my life seen so many people at the FedEx Forum! Even at almost 8 months pregnant, I had so much fun!! I felt bad for Chris though b/c as we were leaving everyone was celebrating the big win on Beale.. of course, we couldn't b/c of Baby Gray! He was a trooper though! I owe him several nights out after baby comes! ;)

We had so much fun! Luckily, the game started at 4 b/c I dont think I could have lasted much longer! ;)

We also had a wonder Mother's Day and I was spoiled yet again.. I'll post later!


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Neely said...

What a cutie and go mavs :)