Monday, May 9

I am one blessed lady...

I had an absolutely fabulous Mother's Day! I can not even begin to tell you how blessed I am with an amazing husband and the sweetest children in the world!! Seriously!

I woke up Sunday morning to 3 smiling faces (well, 4.. i'm pretty sure Huck was smiling too!) ;) each wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. The kiddos then told me that they wanted to take me to breakfast, so off we went! I got to enjoy a YUMMY southern breakfast complete with buttered grits, country fried steak and sausage & biscuits! It was DELISH! After breakfast, we went ahead and did our grocery shopping. Then, it was off to Gram's house for a late lunch and fun in the water! The pool is still very cold, but the kiddos definitely didn't mind!

Dont they look precious in their new bathing suits??!

LOVING the 3D chalk!

ha! i love that little toothless grin! :) (which btw is yet AGAIN cavity free!! yay!! SO proud of her! - her teeth are perfect except for for her jaw being too small for her teeth.. looks like we'll be at the orthodontist in 6mo!)

I picked up a new sprinkler for them at PBO.. they LOVED it! :)


After a little bit of sprinkler time, it was POOL time!! I'm still hoping and praying that they dont end up with ear infections from the cold water! ;)

They had a blast pushing each other in the pool!

We had so much fun at Grams! I came home with new flowers for my hanging baskets on the porch!! :) Not to mention that I am IN LOVE with my fabulous Mother's Day gifts from Chris and the kiddos!!!!

Chris surprised me with these beauties.... Kate Spade "Aspen" sunglasses! They've been on my wish list for a few weeks now! :)

Ethan made me the most adorable (and yummy smelling) candle at school! It's lavender, in a mason jar! Right up my alley!! :) LK put together a photo album for me, along with a sweet little book they put together at school. Each child listed different things that they liked to do with their Mom. LK put:

Favorite thing to do with my mom... go shopping with her.
My mom looks best when... she is in her black dress with white polka dots.
I know my mom loves me when... I go to bed at night.
If I have children I will... treat them like my mom treats me.
The best thing about my mo is... she lets me get ice cream.
I wouldn't trade my mom for... anything.

Is that not the sweetest??!!! I sure do love that girl! :) All in all a fabulous Mother's Day! I enjoyed every single minute of it! I hope all you Mommy's had a wonderful Mother's Day too! :)


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Neely said...

Love those sunglasses and the kiddos look cute!