Tuesday, May 10

The Great Flood {2011}

Yesterday I posted about the flooding in Memphis. I wanted to share some pictures with you. Luckily, I've only seen most of this flooding from the comfort of my own living room. While Chris and I were downtown for the Grizzlies game Saturday night though, I had him drive me down by the river to see it. I didn't get out and take pics though b/c there were TONS of people doing that... and frankly, it's annoying. I didn't want to be one of "those" people in my own town! ha! So, I went to the local news websites and got some that people had uploaded there. It's unbelieveable! It was jaw dropping to see in person the other night.. never in my life have it see it like this!

homes on Mud Island

Riverside and Beale - see the paddleboats almost street level... usually they are WAY below street level! Typically you have to walk down ALOT of cobblestone to get to them!

more of Mud Island

People are sandbagging non-stop

great arial shot

what's left above water at Mud Island River Park

I thought that this was a great "before and after" portrayal! Tom Lee Park is underwater and so is his statue! Luckily, they made the decision days ago to go ahead and move the Memphis In May BBQ Festival. It's going to be held at Tiger Lane this year. Another "first" in my life! ha!

The good news is that the river has finally crested!! It hit is crest at 47.8 feet. Just shy of the record hit in 1937. Flood stage is 34 feet! And it's not just downtown that has seen these awful floods; it's all over parts of the city! Bad news is that the water will still be around for a while as it goes down! My prayers are with those who have lost so much due to this flooding.. it's devastating! Ol' Man River is having no mercy on Memphis!


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