Wednesday, July 13

Gray: 1 Week

We have survived our first week as a family of 5! I honestly can't believe that we've had Gray for a week now. It seemed like I was pregnant for forever and now he's here. I didn't think he'd ever get here!! I know I haven't posted his "birth" post yet, but I will... I promise! It's just been crazy around here trying to get adjusted. Thankfully, my mom and MIL have taken turns with Lilly Kate and Ethan this past week and have kept them busy. My mom had the kiddos while we were in the hospital and then Ann took them for 4 days so we could get settled at home. They are very excited about their little brother, but I think they've been even more excited about all this grandparent time! ;)

I have to say that Gray is such a sweet baby boy and he's really taken it easy on me so far. He's nursing great! We are having some minor cluster feeding issues at night, but other than that he's doing great! I've even been able to start pumping and storing some milk. I'm hoping he'll be able to rotate well between breastfeeding and bottle feeding with my milk.

So far, he loves his swing and he loves his boppy. He also loves to sleep on Mommy. Yes.. spoiled already! But at this point.. whatever it takes!! ha! During the day he's great about nursing every 2 - 3 hours.

We have really enjoyed this past week.. through the insomnia and crying spells and everything! ;) We are so blessed to add Gray to our family. He is a precious little boy and has already stolen my heart.

I promise to go back and add his birthday post!



Lindsey said...

Congrats to you guys! He is so sweet! I know you all are happy he is here!

Ben and Emily said...

He is precious!! Congratulations again!

Holly said...

He is the cutest! So happy that you are both healthy!

Neely said...

He is perfect!

Brittany Nolan said...

He is precious! Congrats!!!